Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better late...

Tonight I'm dreading the snowstorm that's headed my way.  I have tomorrow and Thursday off work, but between the holiday and the fact of life in general, a lot of running around to do, if it's safe to do so.  Also, we live in a place where power outages are not uncommon (ours flashed off in the night, but luckily (??) Sweetie's back pain woke him in time to get everyone to work on time), so if God forbid we lose electricity (and thus our means of eating and heating) we have to travel to the in-laws' who have a standby generator.

Also, I'm dreading the idea of winding my second skein of wild honey, which may yet become necessary tonight.  Don't ask me why, I just don't look forward to that task.  So while I'm postponing the inevitable, here's a "proof of life" shot of my Mama Vertebrae cardigan, which you may recall I finished last month.  Just in time, in fact, to have professional family photos done.  I still don't have the final disc (I do have copyright release though, don't worry), so this is just one of the preview shots.  As you might imagine, I'm anxiously awaiting the rest

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